Our Partners

After the madness of the pandemic and a stall in our growth. We are now lucky to work alongside 6 fantastic schools and The Clowne Parish Council. 

We currently deliver morning and afterschool clubs at Clowne Junior School, a school we have teamed up with since our establishment in 2019. We run afterschool clubs at Tibshelf Infants school, another supporter since 2019. 

New contracts in the 2021/2022 academic year belonged to Whitwell Primary School & Townend Junior School (now in partnership with Tibshelf Infants). We deliver a series of afterschool clubs at both schools. 

New for 2024 is our alliance with Spire Infants for both PE & Afterschool clubs. Then the last of our school partnerships... Marsh Lane Primary school, who we will be providing a wrap around care service for the parents. 

Finally, our continous work with the Clowne Parish Council hasn't gone unnoticed in the community. With the Parish funding numerous multi sports camps & holiday programmes for the children of clowne & surrounding areas. 

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We provide gold standard sports provision and PE lessons. We create fun, social and engaging sessions. We engage and focus the brain.

We widen knowledge of healthy active lifestyles. We develop physical, social and cognitive skills for everyday life.

We upskill both pupils and staff. We vastly  improve technical, tactical and problem solving skills.  

We educate children about more than just sport through physical activity.

You provide the best for your pupils! 



With this being our first year of business landing two major primary schools is definitely some achievement. 

As a coach myself my philosophy is about getting out what you put in, so SenSport is currently looking forwards to our future rather than our history!


Sensport aims to create an environment in which children don't just learn the physical aspects of sport but for participants to gain skills for life. Social, cognitive and physical skills, along with increasing psychological wellbeing. 

We strive to create more awareness around active body, healthy mind and the other major benefits of sport and physical activity.

We will succeed in our journey, whether this is within schools, clubs or 1-2-1 settings. 

See you soon!


SenSport is always looking for opportunities to expand.