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From the people who matter the most!

Mr Smithurst,

PE Lead - CJS

SenSport has developed a brilliant relationship with our school.

They provide a fantastic, super reliable and consistent service.

Their child centred approach delivers both high quality and high value activities. 

Fun, creative, engaging and accessible. 

We highly recommend SenSport!

CJS - Child

Alex is always really nice and sets

up awesome games!

CJS - Child

I Love how the activities are always fun and enjoyable.

We do a different skill and game every week!

Zoe Andrews - Ex Head 

Tibshelf Infants & Townend Juniors

It is always great to see SenSport engaging in their  lessons;

They don't stand to the side and talk at the children – they're  there with them!

Making learning exciting and relevant, using his voice effectively, and ensuring that children are active and engaged.


We provide gold standard sports provision and PE lessons. We create fun, social and engaging sessions. We engage and focus the brain.

We widen knowledge of healthy active lifestyles. We develop physical, social and cognitive skills for everyday life.

We upskill both pupils and staff. We vastly  improve technical, tactical and problem solving skills.  

We educate children about more than just sport through physical activity.

You provide the best for your pupils! 

Tibshelf Infant & Nursery School
Clowne Junior School

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