“We provide Physical Education to provide skills for life, not just for Sport."

About SenSport

Sensport is a specialist sports coaching provider aimed at Primary education ranging from EYFS to KS2. Supplying high quality provision that esnures that the national curriculum remains the focal point of each lesson. 

At SenSport our main aim and purpose is to help children develop a skiilful use of the body, enhance their fine and gross motor skills and gain knowledge on the concepts of movement, strategies and tactics through basic games.

However, Sensport creates and designs lessons to educate children on lifestyle and health choices rather than just the physical activity. We see PE as a time to for pupils to learn and be educated whilst being physically active. 

At Sensport we understand that Physical Education delves deeper than just  teaching  sport and physical activity. Tactical knowledge, skill acquisition, healthy active lifestyles, sportsmanship and the growth of social, cognitive skills are just as important. 

Our provision aims to engage and focus the brain, budding problem solving skills alongside the others mentioned. 

We aim to provide a skill set that can be used throughout life, not just within a sporting context.



With this being our first year of business landing two major primary schools is definitely some achievement. 

As a coach myself my philosophy is about getting out what you put in, so SenSport is currently looking forwards to our future rather than our history!


Sensport aims to create an environment in which children don't just learn the physical aspects of sport but for participants to gain skills for life. Social, cognitive and physical skills, along with increasing psychological wellbeing. 

We strive to create more awareness around active body, healthy mind and the other major benefits of sport and physical activity.

We will succeed in our journey, whether this is within schools, clubs or 1-2-1 settings. 

See you soon!


SenSport is always looking for opportunities to expand.