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April 01, 2020   Exclusive  

SenSport For Keyworkers

As the world arround us changes and during these deeply worrying times, SenSport has continued to provide some normailty for the children of Tibshelf Infants & Nursery School.

With physical activity being an essential for all walks of life (just as Boris declared from the outset). Tibshelf requested that the company continued to lead high quality sports sessions for their pupils. With more of a focus on socially distancing, spacial awareness and utilising big outdoor spaces, PE may look a little different for some children right now. However, they still continue to exercise, grow and develop their fundamental skills. 

We would like to thank Tibshelf for the opportunity during hard times in business but also thank them for supporting the children of keyworkers as this is something very close and personal to us at SenSport also. 

March 15, 2020    Exclusive  

SenSport Signs with CJS!

After partnering up with Clowne for the 2019/2020 academic year for the very first time, we got off to a great start. The morning clubs have been fantastic and the children have been excellent each morning.  You can really tell sport and competition is a big part of their lives. 

Whilst Clowne were seeking a sponsor for their brand new nike kits, SenSport believed it was an opportunity to take their partnership further with CJS. Clowne will now be sporting their new kits to all upcoming events that the school have entered, which looks great for both parties.

Clowne have also requested a summer school programme which is in ongoing talks for the near future.

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